People We Like


Dirty Perfect

A new and up and comming band in the Cardiff area, they're name discribes them Dirty but Perfect ("shaking like the first time" DP)


A diverse and creative band form Aberdare who have seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS

Last Minute Tragedy

Aberdare's Uprising Based 4 Pieced Post Hardcore/Scremo band... GO on Check em out!


The dark creative rock herald's from merthyr. Ther's only one place that thes guys are going CHECK EM OUT

Bits Of Kidds

South Wales Melodic Punk Rock

Battle Royale On DragonNinja

This link takes you directly to the BattleRoyale forum on DragonNinja.
DragonNinja is the best community in wales for the alterantive music scene check it out